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"We need to stop unilaterally disarming ourselves..."

Excerpts from a posting a little while back on the Daily Kos blog:

"I, like many people on this blog, am still in shock that George Bush has managed to win this election. Although there are certainly still some questions about whether there was voter fraud in Ohio and Florida, one thing is for certain. In election after election, support for progressive Democratic canditates continues to erode among people who consider themselves evangelical Christians and Christians in general.

This phenomenon is occurring in large part because we have disarmed ourselves in this cultural battle. We have allowed Conservatives to define what it means to be a Christian and essentially hijack the Christian faith without even trying to explain how our worldview is more consistent with the tenets of Christianity. It's not always been this way. Remember how Christians led the way during the Civil Rights movement?...

First, progressive minded Christians need to inspire a renassaince within the Christian church. We need to argue our case, and we need to stop unilaterally disarming ourselves. There are many liberal Christian denominations and sects throughout the U.S....These churches already tend to support progressive causes and candidates. We need to grow these progressive minded churches.

Second, progressive evangelical Christians need to start talking about how their political idealogy is informed by their Christian faith. Although they are a minority in their congregations, there are many liberals in evangelical churches throughout this nation...

Unfortunately, in contrast to the conservatives in our church, the liberal democrats tended to avoid conversations about politics. Progressive Christians of all denominations must stop avoiding such conversations. Instead, they must explain how their political leanings are influenced by the tenets of their faith.

Third, in the so called "red states" and particularly in the South, we must start running progressive candidates for local, state, and federal offices, who aren't afraid to discuss how their progressive ideals are informed by their religious and moral beliefs. Gone are the days when politicians can expect any sphere of privacy, and this extends to the spiritual realm as well. Unfortunately, those who fail to openly discuss how their religious faith informs policies will be looked upon with suspicion. In contrast, progressive candidates who articulate how their policy positions are informed by their religion or sense of morality are likely to garner more support among people who consider faith an important part of their life.

The bottom line is that by at least engaging this dialogue, we can get our point of view out there in public. Currently, the cultural war is commonly seen mainly as a battle between the Christian Right, and the secularists. We desperately need to change this erroneous perception. There are many liberal Christians of all stripes throughout this nation, and its high time that we stand up for what we believe!"

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