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I So Get This...

I so hear what Bob is saying at this post at I am a Christian Too Blog...here are some excerpts:

"I am a Christian, I voted based on moral values, and I voted for John Kerry. Most of my friends and family are Christian, and many of them do not support Bush. The divide that extends through the electorate also extends through Christianity..."

So how has Christianity in the US become identified with conservative politics? It is because the Christian right is vocal, and the rest of us are not...we allow the most vocal Christians to define our faith....I have come to believe that this is a problem, not for us, but for the unchurched.

I have to wonder how many people in the US have decided that Christianity is not for them because they don’t agree with the politics of the Christian right?

How many people have closed their minds to the gospel because of their mistaken impression that Christ commands us to be in favor of the death penalty and mandatory jail terms?

How many Americans have decided that, since evolution and the Big Bang are clearly true, a religion that claims they are false must be wrong?

How many have decided that, if Christians are so wrong about their conservative politics, they cannot possibly be believed about their religion?"

...What has finally led me to start down this path is the example of Martin Luther... if Luther could risk everything for the sake of God’s truth, then I can at least buy a domain name and blog a thesis or two here and there.

So, I humbly nail my theses on the server of my web hosting service provider.

Those of us that share the Christian faith but not the conservative politics of the far right must speak up. We must let Americans know that Christ doesn’t ask us to throw out our brains but to pick up our cross. We need to let the world know that we are Christians too."

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8/12/2005 05:13:00 PM

I appreciated this article tremendously, as someone who votes my conscience, and upon considerable prayer, it is refreshing to see that there are others out there who realize that there are far more issues at stake than abortion and gay marriage- issues that are heavily brow beaten into us by the religious right. I am not here to take a stand on these issues, but rather to ask the question "Are we voting for Jesus?" The bible implores the faithful over two thousand times to take care of the poor and the needy, and mentions such issues as homosexuality only a handful of times. Providing social assistance for the poor and needy is a plank far more often associated with the democratic platform than the republican party, and yet the issues on which the election is more likely to swing conservatives to vote republican is sexual immorality and reproductive rights. Thank you for speaking out on this topic.
David Alpern    

8/12/2005 05:24:00 PM

Thanks David, and I should specifically point out that this excerpt (so well put) was from another blogger Bob, writing over at his blog "I am a Christian, Too." But it really summed up a lot of feelings I guess both you and I share, and I agree, it was pretty great.

I'm also glad you feel more "accompanied" in the place where you are in your concern for a whole gamut of moral issues -- especially relating to care for the poor -- and well beyond a few wedge issues.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, and please feel welcome to do so more, it really helps.



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