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A True "Culture of Life" Part I

Although abortion is a clear "wedge issue" that I Democrats have missed the point on and in many accounts this mistake has cost us deeply as a party and a nation.

Whereas many of Chritian community is Pro-life to the point that support of any termination of pregnancy at any stage is unacceptable, this is not true of all. Many would not support outlawing abortion, but perhaps limiting it only after certain points in fetal development, such as when brain activity first begins, or after the point of viablity. And others are accross the board on the issue.

However, I believe most in the Christian community are tired of an endless deadlocked battle between Pro-life and Pro-choice that never gets any results, or helps anyone.

This is the key. Democrats can begin showing a way past this deadlock. And Christians in the party should be among the first to light this way, caring more about helping people than in whatever benefits we see from keeping a political wedge in place unmoved.

As Greg Boyd the Senior Pastor of Woodland Hills Church in St. Paul put things:

"The way the issue is framed in the arena of contemporary politics is a function of various groups trying to gain power over each other, and there’s no reason for the disciple of Jesus to accept the limited and divisive options that arise from this conflict. Jesus never allowed himself to be defined by the conflicts of his day, and neither should we."

I think the key "re-frameing" of this issue is mentioned below as written in the Loyal Opposition blog. The point that Democrats could take even without doing any harm to their official Pro-Choice party stance is this:

"We don't have an abortion problem in this country, we have an unwanted pregnancy problem. Abortion is one desperate solution to this problem.

Federal overturning of Roe would do nothing to help with this true problem, and would arguablely not even substatially reduce the abortion rate in this nation.

And looking at it from this vantage point, every abortion that occurs is a sign of a failure, and what can we all do to work to lower that unwanted pregnancy failure rate, that will then lower the abortion rate?"

At least that is my take, love to hear what others think...

As you think about it, check out excerpts the blog, the Loyal Opposition:

"As liberal, practicing Catholics, with kids in Catholic school, my wife, who teaches in a Catholic high school, and I routinely walk through the abortion issue minefield.

We believe in working to promote the “culture of life” that Catholic Church leaders have laid out, including reducing the incidence of abortion -- 324 abortions for every 1,000 live births in this country is a heart-wrenching tragedy. But, we also know that outlawing abortion and using inflamatory rhetoric and scare tactics is not the answer.

It does not promise to substantially reduce abortion and the danger to the mothers who would have unsafe abortions is unacceptable.

If we are going to bring people together on the issue, we have to return to Bill Clinton's mantra, “safe, legal and rare,” and the Democratic Party has to put more emphasis on making the “rare” part a reality."

"Clinton encapsulated the broad consensus in this country on the issue. Most people in this country believe abortion should be "safe, legal and rare.” This calmed things down and turned the focus of the debate onto results. What did the conservatives do? Trotted out the hideous image of a “partial-birth abortion.” What's the lesson there? Pro-lifers have a vested interest in dividing the country on this issue. We can't fall into that trap."

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