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"I Believe"

From the blog Cheaper than Therapy this confession is great, read the whole thing. The ones that jumped out at me included:

  • I believe the Bible says exactly what God wanted it to say. No more. No less.
  • I believe that what we usually think is the point when we read the Bible is usually not the point.
  • I think apologetics is overrated.
  • I think apologizing is underrated.
  • I believe the kingdom of God is greatly misunderstood.
  • I believe Christ is the hope for the world (not democracy, capitalism or the USA).
  • I believe most seeker sensitive "come and we will give you a free gift and practical message" churches practice a shallow form of Christianity.
  • I believe the Anabaptists were on to something.
    I believe George W. Bush is a Christian.
  • I believe Bill Clinton is a Christian.
  • I believe the 24 second shot clock is the single greatest sports innovation in the past half century.
  • I believe that teaching my children to be kind, compassionate followers of Jesus is the single best thing I can do for them.
  • I believe that spending an inordinate amount of time with my family is better that making much money for my family.
  • I believe that Belgian Trappist Monks make the best beer in the world (and to the Glory of God).
  • I believe that Jesus Christ and the disciples drank alcohol. And so did the Pilgrims, Puritans and Martin Luther.
  • I believe certainty is overrated.
  • I believe fidelity is underrated.
  • I believe security is overrated.
  • I believe that fear is dangerous to the Christian faith.
  • I believe American Foreign policy had something to do with 9-11.
  • I believe the terrorists hate us for our relationship with Israel and presence in their Holy Land of Saudi Arabia more than they do for our freedom.
  • I believe Christ's freedom and America's freedom have nothing to do with each other.
  • I believe Patriotism and Nationalism are idolatry.
  • I believe the United States is a very good place to live and a wonderful country.
  • I believe that other countries are good places to live and wonderful countries.
  • I believe that my theology and worldview cannot fit on a bumper sticker.
  • I believe that the church's duty is to protect and stand for the rights of everyone.
  • I believe the church should speak for those that are unable to speak for themselves.
  • I believe there is hope for my denomination.
  • I believe that Christians should renounce violence and embrace peace-making as a way of life.
  • I believe everyone preaches against situational ethics, but everyone practices situational ethics.
  • I believe I am wrong more often than I am right.
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