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Lindy Scott for Congress

A particularly interesting race for the seat of outgoing Republican Representative Henry Hyde (Illinois 6th District)...There are three Democrats running in a primary to compete against Hyde's Republican successor. One of these Democratic candidates -- -- is running a campaign that really warrants attention:

The Chicago Tribune wrote: "Scott, 53, is a political newcomer, but he said he has been writing about politics and economics for more than 20 years. An evangelical Christian, he said he hoped to "bring people of faith back into the Democratic Party" and "serve in the House of Representatives as Jesus himself would serve... On 80 percent of the issues I believe Evangelicals and other Christians would fit comfortably in the Democratic Party," Scott said, listing public education, the environment, health care, Social Security, foreign relations and immigration."

As local Illinois blogger Wiram Wurf wrote: "Dr. Lindy Scott, a popular professor at Wheaton College (2000 Teacher of the Year), would presumably draw his greatest strength from extensive Latin American and particularly Mexican connections, from students (both he and his wife are local college professors) and from evangelical protestants, particularly those who are against the current war in Iraq, where Scott has taken a public stance in a recent book he co-authored, "Terrorism and the War in Iraq: A Christian Word from Latin America," and in recent lectures based on the book. In a Congressional District that is 12.5% Latino, with close to a fifth of residents foreign born and a significant number of evangelical Christians, Scott might attract notice..."

And when you check out Lindy Scott's site, it comes accross with a personal and clear voice speaking to progressive social issues...and very naturally showing these as an outgrowth of his own faith and morality. With a healthy dose of common sense and balance.

"My name is Lindy Scott and I’m running for Congress from Illinois’ 6th District. It is time for a new voice to represent the constituency of our district. I have a fresh approach to address the challenges that we face.

I have been at Wheaton College for the last ten years where I teach Spanish and Latin American Studies. I also direct the Center for Applied Christian Ethics. Prior to coming to Wheaton I lived and taught for many years in Mexico City. I also have many years of experience in Bensenville and Des Plaines.

My goal as a public servant is quite simple: to advance policies that seek the good of my neighbors, the well being of all of my neighbors. We need to strengthen the social fabric of our communities by implementing policies that promote and cherish life for everyone, a “seamless garment” that covers all aspects of our society. If we want a culture that promotes the well being of all, we need to move firmly in that direction. Here are my commitments:

An Education that Works -- We all know that teaching is one of the most important callings because teachers shape the hearts and minds of our youth. Nevertheless, education in America does not receive the funding that it should. We had great hopes for the “No Child Left Behind” program. Nevertheless, reductions in federal funding have cut essential programs at our local schools. One of our highest commitments must be to our children and their education.

Health Insurance for Every American -- This is an essential way of loving our neighbor. We can make this a reality without big government bureaucracy and without breaking the bank. The key is making our medical system more efficient, such as the purchase of prescription drugs from Canada.

A Solid Social Security Program -- President Bush’s suggestion for privatization of the program would not solve the problem; it would only make it worse by adding two trillion dollars to our debt. The program can be strengthened by common sense actions like those recommended by the AARP. These simple steps would permit us to continue to fulfill our commitments to our senior citizens and to make the program strong for generations to come.

A Responsible Foreign Policy -- Despite our love for fairness and democracy, our foreign policy has been racked by unethical practices that create mistrust and resentment in countries that look to the U.S. for moral leadership. Many people around the world see our country as a self-righteous bully motivated by greed. We need to reclaim leadership in the world community with policies based upon the bedrock of human rights and mutual respect.

A Better Environment for our Children -- Pollution of the environment is a crime against future generations. U.S. dependence on foreign oil is not only a national security issue, it is also an ethical stewardship responsibility. We must encourage technologies that create a cleaner, safer environment. The automobile industry needs to be encouraged to increase the gas mileage of our cars and greater incentives need to be offered to those who purchase hybrid cars.

Fiscal Responsibility -- The children of America deserve a future that is not mortgaged by an out of control federal deficit. We cannot tolerate more administration excuses for our increasing debt. If we avoid unnecessary military ventures, we can invest those funds in the health, education and the well being of our neighbors, both near and far. We can and must live within our budget. It is the right thing to do."

And from his campaign blog:

"Almost everyone complains about how big a role money plays in politics today and how most political campaigns concentrate on fifteen second sound bytes. Nevertheless, few candidates offer real alternatives. Our campaign does provide a new approach. Voters are yearning for a candidate they can trust and believe in and talk to. They are looking for policies that reflect their values. I invite you to examine the list of those who have endorsed me. Most are not famous; they are common people like you and me. They represent a wide diversity of cultural backgrounds, jobs, and political perspectives. Read carefully what they say. If you know them personally, ask them why they have endorsed me. Are the values of integrity, compassion, and fairness the ones you are looking for in your representative?

Over the next weeks and months you can read about my policies. I will be as clear and as transparent as possible. I will try to address the most important issues of our day by treating all sides with fairness. I will then offer proposals that seek the best interests of all involved. Can my policies and my approach encourage better decision making in Washington and a better America?"

I think that is a question well worth answering. And I'd recommend everyone to check out Dr. Scott's website, add some comments to his personally written blog postings, and help fund this alternative voice in this key race. I've already contributed to his cause, and if you should too. Scott for Congress.

Here is the link to the newly created TalkingDonkeys ActBlue page for donations to the Scott Campaign...

My contribution: $

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8/11/2005 09:46:00 AM

Nice...thanks for the heads up, I'll check it out...    

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