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House Democrats Ready 2006 Agenda

From Political wire:

House Democrats Ready 2006 Agenda
"Seeing an opening to reach voters while Republicans are beset by turmoil, House Democrats are privately planning to accelerate the timing of the release of their platform and the major policies they will promote on the campaign trail next year," Roll Call reports.

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and other House leaders "are putting the finishing touches on what arguably will be Democrats most detailed 'positive' election-year agenda since the party lost power more than a decade ago... An early draft of the agenda outlines the specific initiatives House Democrats will pledge to enact if given control of the House. Leaders have been working on the document for months, and have already started encouraging Members to unify around it and stick to its themes."
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10/14/2005 06:56:00 AM

Tim, do we little people (My apologies if you aren't one of the little people.) ever have any say in what the agenda is? Is there a meeting I'm missing? I'm sure there is because I don't go to any. Where does the process start? My first thought would be with your vote but if you are represented by only Republicans....I'm kind of tired of crossing my fingers and hoping for the best when they come out with a new agenda.    

10/14/2005 12:53:00 PM

Trust me, I squarely fit in "little person" status...

From what I gather the specific agenda mentioned here is being put together by House leadership, which would mean the best way to voice your thoughts would be with Rep Pelosi herself here:
Or here: http://www.housedemocrats.gov/contact/index.cfm

With the DCCC here:

And in a more broad sense, and I know this is not specifically what you were asking about... there are several other efforts from various wings of the democratic party at setting a clearer Dem vision that invite grassroots comments:

The New Democratic Network:

(I'm a fan of ndn)


The Principles Project

which seems a bit quiet the last few months, but they seem to have big things planned for year end:

As well as at various thinktanks, some of which are open to public contributions... Center for American Progress and

One I'm curious about is the Rockridge Institutes Progressive Manuel Project http://www.rockridgeinstitute.org/press/releases/manual

And as I see more about the House Dems specific agenda effort I'll be sure to post it here...



10/14/2005 01:17:00 PM

Thanks, I'll be sure to check them out.    

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